Irekin programme, whose aim is to spread entrepreneurial culture throughout all VT teachers, up until now the weight of entrepreneurship mostly fell on FOL (Job training and Orientation) teachers or Urrutsbat facilitators, but with IREKIN, we seek for each and every one of us to have an entrepreneurial attitude at the centres.


Centres: 41

IREKIN aware teachers: 135 (Irekin Training + GP Contest + other awareness actions)

Teachers trained at IREKIN: 87

Training: 170 hours

GPs presented to contest: 94

GPs designed at Irekin: 53


  • Getting to know the entrepreneurial teacher’s area up close is proving to be a gratifying experience. We decided to participate in the course, because it was obvious to us that we needed to have new challenges in our work. We are requiring that students acquire new skills and be more entrepreneurial in modern society, which is why it is important that we act as a point of reference for them.  The course was highly valuable to us, and totally recommendable to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and to set ourselves on new paths. This is something we must all work on as teachers.
    On the other hand, being able to participate in the course and be one of the finalists was hugely satisfying, demonstrating that people value what we do. For our day-to-day work, this will be a great boost. It is essential to share good practises with all teachers. The more teachers reached, the more enriching this will be.  What’s more, discovering what they are doing at other centres gives us a broader perspective, and new ideas and excitement are born from all this.

  • While it is true that we have always attempted to make vocational training classes very practical, for a while now, we have also been aware that they need to change to provide the best learning experience to our students. We want students to acquire skills that are just as important as technical knowledge: teamwork, responsibility, independence, creativity, ability to innovate, to communicate, to make decisions, to have an entrepreneurial attitude, etc.

    All of this encouraged me to sign up for the IREKIN course offered by Tknika. Under the premise that our students learn from what they see, and not from what we tell them… How can I teach them to have an entrepreneurial attitude, if I don’t have one myself? The experience was highly gratifying. Not only did I share experiences and reflections with other colleagues from other centres, but also, in turn, I discovered interesting tools and classroom materials, and I drew closer to the perspective of companies as allies and essential collaborators in vocational training. Highly recommended.

    The next step came about naturally. I presented an activity we do in class to the good practises contest. The surprise and reward was being named finalist, probably because we don’t tend to think our classroom activities are “special or good,” and when you look at all of the finalist practises, there are many of them, and they are good. And I collected loads of ideas 🙂

    Another reward was sharing 2 days of training on tools to make computer graphics with the other finalists, coming to a close with a final challenge: designing the computer graphics to “narrate” our good practise. As I said before, a highly recommended experience. Thank you.

  • “The Irekin course gave me the ability to provide a solution to problems that arise.

    I decided to sign up for this course to change my perspective on working on new pathways within the context of Ethazi. With Inge’s help, work on entrepreneurship begins with work on oneself as a teacher. This gave us the courage to have a positive, creative attitude on a day-to-day basis.
    After seeing the results, I would like to invite all teachers to complete the course.

    Because it gives you the possibility to get to know yourself, and also to know more about other teachers’ experiences. To round this process off, they called a GP contest, with incredible experiences. Being a finalist was an acknowledgement that filled me with joy. Moreover, I was able to collect my colleagues’ ideas to work on the poster to share at my centre.

    In short: The course as a contest is something that all of us teachers should experience as a source of reflection.”