radio programme in Ataria irratia
by Rakel Pascual | Tolosaldea LHII


The purpose of this good practise is for students to CREATE interesting CONTENT in audio format on new technologies for all audiences.


The Tolosaldea radio station STARTED A NEW PROGRAMME ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, conducted by our students every week with their news. With this initiative, they have been given a great opportunity to SHARE everything they know, and thus CONTRIBUTE to society.

FROM START TO FINISH, THEY CONDUCT the entire programme: they select a topic they like, research and design the programme and share the information in a suitable fashion. The information they broadcast on the radio programme can be interesting to any listener. For example, applications to delete “rubbish” from mobile phones, free, quality anti-viruses, new bracelets, etc., always led by the radio show host Iñigo Terradillos.

The programme is broadcast EVERY TUESDAY at 10:10, and the PODCASTS can be heard on the website http://ataria.info/irratia. The podcast’s URL is TWEETED by the institute and the radio station, leaving our students’ MARK on social media.


With this action, we are sharing an important message: EVERYONE’S PARTICIPATION AND CONTRIBUTION IS NECESSARY IN SOCIETY. OUR STUDENTS ARE ACTIVELY FUSING WITH SOCIETY, and the students increasingly feel a sense of belonging. If the community provides them with the opportunity to receive customised training, they respond to the community with their contributions.


We frame this action under SERVICE-BASED LEARNING METHODOLOGY, where service provides motivation and meaning for learning. With this kind of project, they are the EXPERTS, where they demonstrate professionalism, commitment and responsibility through their contribution to the entire community. On the other hand, they receive the acknowledgement, value, security and confidence we have in them from us.


The Ataria radio station gives us the opportunity to edit, share, etc. the work conducted by students with ALL EDUCATION CENTRES. We have equipped a classroom with IT equipment, where we have installed Skype and make the recordings. On occasion, we have gone to the radio station and done an online programme at their professional studio, or we have recorded. To communicate coordination, we use email or the phone.


We work on digital skills, THE ABILITY FOR LIFE-LONG LEARNING (independence, planning, involvement and staying up-to-date), creativity, and of course, COMMUNICATION. They leave their mark on social media by working on their DIGITAL PORTFOLIO. And in closing, we would like to highlight social skills: WE ARE HERE TO LIVE TOGETHER, AND TO GIVE AND RECEIVE IN SOCIETY.