– Entrepreneurship to Learning –

Keys to Coaching in entrepreneurial skills
by Rafael Balparda Pilar | San José de Calasanz


We used the Entrepreneur Ecosystem as an active methodology. Students begin “learning by doing,” gaining skills that are evaluated and developed with technical and pedagogical support.


It all began 10 years ago. We saw that a new professional profile was growing in demand. In addition to knowledge of their profession, students needed to add other skills, related to entrepreneurship (initiative, decision-making, creativity, being proactive, resilience). We had to REVOLUTIONISE how we worked in the classroom. The “Entrepreneur ecosystem” we had in our scope of influence, with several institutions that offered entrepreneurial programmes, were the ideal setting to take advantage of as a methodology for them to put said skills into practise with their classmates. We all had to be trained. (Univ. Deusto, Mondragón, UPV).

We designed a technical and pedagogical methodology, with 360º skill evaluation, where students and teachers participate. Said evaluation is 20% of the final mark. Students are offered a system based on personalised tutorials and “Coaching,” so they can take control over their professional and personal future.


It is ENTREPRENEURIAL, since we had to take ACTION on the new stage and with the new inputs reaching the company. We had to break down barriers with students, teachers and institutions. We changed methodologies, programmes and the evaluation system to train competent and entrepreneurial students, able to lead their projects and provide value to Society. We moved off the beaten path, and today we are a point of reference.


Today, we believe in this focus. Ten years ago, it was daring and risky. There was nothing similar around us. It involved NEW teacher profiles, NEW learning and evaluation methodologies, NEW programmes, NEW technical needs, such as the skill evaluation platform. NEW facilities. And a NEW role for students, making them COMPETENT.


This is the cornerstone of Professional Orientation at Calasanz. Students have generated hundreds of ideas, entrepreneurial projects and social entrepreneurial initiatives. This is the sign of identity of the centre in the educational system, and this has led a multitude of institutions, both nation-wide and local, to acknowledge our model with prestigious awards. It has been wildly EFFECTIVE as far as future motivation is concerned.


Huge benefits: from listening to the teacher to leading entrepreneurial projects, managing businesses and designing, manufacturing and selling their products. They develop skills, which are seriously evaluated and diagnosed on the platform, and they make commitments to themselves to improve (Coaching). Unstoppable. Acknowledgements from MEC, OCDE, TKNIKA, Innobasque and DEMA give their dreams wings, and make them believe in themselves.