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Innovating in the classroom with auxiliary tools
by Iñaki Jimenez Miranda | Cebanc


The use of certain not well-known support tools is encouraged in the classroom to motivate participation and make the classes more pleasant.


ClassDojo promotes class participation, distributes each student’s participation and grants awards and corrections to class students. Finally, it generates a report with the points received and subtracted, and the reasons why. Students ask that this system be used, since they like seeing their score.

Kahoot! and Quizizz are two systems for online test preparation and taking that motivate students, because of how they work.

Students learn in a more entertaining way, and the teacher can see the class’ status and specifically, each student’s status, with each test.

EDPuzzle integrates questions amongst the videos so that users can answer them. The teacher will know if the student has seen the video or not, and if he or she has properly answered each question.


This is a new system to transfer knowledge, using new information and communication technologies. It benefits students, since it makes the learning process more entertaining, different from the usual. It also increases motivation while learning.


It meets VT needs. The new digital native student profile requires different learning resources. It is appropriate, since it can be used both for in-class review and for test-taking. The teacher can see the class’ status at all times, and can highlight what has been explained. It requires a personal change in the way one works, and the entire centre must share it.


The good practise can be transferred to the centre itself, as well as to other centres, with a few training classes (online or face-to-face). At our centre, it is already being shared and used in classes with satisfactory results. There is a survey attached.


It improves transfer of skills to students, since the contents of the tests or videos is selected by the teacher based on these skills. These practises must be carried out with students to gamify education. Gamification leads to high motivation and participation rates, meeting students’ needs in an impacting way.