for teamwork commitment
by Janire Arriola Garitaonaindia | San Jose Maristak


Define and/or reinforce the concept of teams and teamwork, both for students and for teachers, through the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.


Up until now, we had begun working as a team by simply making the teams. On the other hand, by using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) methodology, we make all members of the team participants in defining what working as a team means, and even in a real visualisation of what each individual can contribute to the team. Following LSP methodology, we begin by collecting information on what each person thinks ideal teamwork is, including what each individual should contribute, based on their own self-knowledge, to that team. Later on, each one of the team members is reinforced with an outside view that the other team members have of this individual. Finally, a joint definition of teamwork is reached (for this specific team). By using LSP methodology, this entire process is conducted physically (building with LEGO blocks), guaranteeing that everyone participates.


Each team commits to the final result obtained. They can also simulate real situations that may occur in the team and prevent possible actions (for example: solutions to possible conflicts, ways to take individual and/or group action, etc.). This is all done through the encouragement of creativity, since the person must create (with LEGO blocks) and express what has been created to the rest of the team.


Given that one of ETHAZI’S pillars is teamwork, using this methodology (LSP) works and reinforces this skill in a new, creative way. Since this methodology is already being used at large companies, students are already aware of it. This means that they can make it another one of their tools.


This takes place at the beginning/during the course, and requires a morning of work. The results can be seen in individual commitments undertaken by the team and operational guidelines. The workshop is prepared and led by an individual accredited in LSP. It is easy to transfer it to other Centres, as long as the person leading the workshop is accredited as an LSP facilitator.


We attempt to have students work as a team starting on the very first day, but we do not make them participants in what teamwork means, nor do they reflect on what each individual can contribute. Through the methodology, in a certain way, we guarantee their commitment to the team. The work conducted during this session has a direct impact on the evaluation of transversal skills.