– Panda Raid –

an educational and charity adventure
by Fernando Mansilla Mataran | CIFP Don Bosco LHII


Students participate in a solidary rally, with 2 vehicles that they have prepared themselves, and have managed all sponsors to cover expenses. They also obtained charity educational material.


The project was at the students’ initiative. They suggested improving their education by participating in a rally, by purchasing and preparing the vehicle. They themselves managed everything related to suppliers and sponsors through external companies. In addition, there is another vehicle in this initiative, shared with the Chambre de Metiers of Bayonne. Besides all the aforementioned, we shared the work with people from another Iparralde centre. We carried out the work over two academic courses, finishing off by attending the Panda Raid. In the terms and conditions of the rally, they asked us to obtain charity educational material, and through another participant, the students agreed to bring six computers and a solar plant to southern Morocco. Thanks to this project, collaboration agreements were reached with Errenteria and Pasaia Town Halls to share the activity’s results with students from other educational centres and to encourage entrepreneurial initiative. For this reason, the initiative’s impact is clear.


This intern group is inter-disciplinary. We took the students out on the “street,” for them to seek funding, and we were able to have them obtain commitments from sponsors. We observed that the project has great incentive for students, and that they work on all the challenges with a highly positive predisposition, and are also very demanding of themselves as far as the result and operation are concerned.


This was a student initiative. They addressed it as a challenge with several phases. We are beginning to adapt this mode of operation in the classroom. We worked on technical aspects and the students’ soft skills. We covered the needs that arose with classroom work, assessment from the group of teachers, and seeking out information on our own, but without a pre-defined script, since we overcame challenges based on the needs as they arose. This is a new way to work on a day-to-day basis.


We strengthened problem-solving skills. By blending contents from technical and transversal modules, we brought the classroom-workshop activity to the reality of the job place where students will carry out their professional futures.


This project can be repeated, since the vehicles were donated by the students to the centre, to continue working and attending the Panda Raid in the future. With first-year electromechanics students, we are already beginning to prepare this test’s 2017 edition. Students are already interested in this project after seeing the work carried out by their schoolmates.