– STEEAM Vocational Training –

db awards
by Auritze Etxezarreta | CIFP Don Bosco LHII


The db awards are especially oriented toward secondary education and vocational training students to foment science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship, arts and mathematics.


The db awards are held at the centre in May, along with an open house. They have been celebrated every year for 6 years. Year after year, the number of awards has increased. Today, there are 5: proiektON, a scientific-technological project contest, secondary school, school graduate, VT and for any entrepreneur; dbBots, a running robot contest, secondary school, school graduate and VT students; ESO Robótica (Robotics), a robotics contest oriented toward secondary-school students; roneBosco, a flying drone contest, with open participation to all; and Ekintzaile DB, a contest to present projects with the best company idea. Both students and teachers, mainly from the Autonomous Basque Community, can participate in different modalities. Companies and organisations help with the event, funding it or directly acting as members of the jury, participating in granting the awards. The objective, a European strategy, is to promote the STEEAM field, taking advantage of the centre-organisation-company synergy, spreading the importance of VT.


In the Basque Autonomous Community, there is no other event so large directly integrated into the STEEAM field. STEEAM field skills are the key to the future’s economy (European Guidelines). The students’ motivation is increased, activating all professional skills, intensifying the centre-organisation-company relationship and increasing the centre’s positioning-marketing.


The ideas, showing the projects and being able to participate in a contest, promoting students and teachers’ entrepreneurship and innovation. Both at VT centres and at secondary school centres, they are given the possibility of working as entrepreneurs and innovators, developing students’ creative initiative.


For the organisation, a multi-disciplinary group is formed, self-managed at the centre. Each department has a representative. The managerial team backs them up 100%, and mobilises the necessary resources. This experience could be transferred to other areas, completing a STEEAM circuit, completing the network and strengthening relationships between educational centres.


An event like this provides the possibility of setting a goal for students and teachers. Through active and collaborative methodology, it offers the opportunity of having a goal for the ideas and projects, and in the same way, it acts as the opportunity and the channel to integrate classwork into society, and to acquire technical and transversal skills.