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Skill Evaluation and Coaching at Ethazi
by Rafael Balparda and Luis Mª Cardeñoso | San Jose de Calasanz


Introducing personal portfolios at Ethazi as a key instrument to show development of student’s technical and transversal skills.


In Ethazi cycles, it is especially important to evaluate and develop the skills acquired by the students through Challenges. With this practise, skill evaluation WAS IMPROVED by drawing up a PORTFOLIO, which, in open format (blog, website), shows who it is, what they contributed to the challenge, a work log and a self-evaluation of learning and improvements needed in the future. The contribution is valuable, since they are forced to “SHOW” their work. With this reflection, the student summarises and evaluates all of their progress. Since it is open, they can compare and see the entire group’s portfolio. What’s more, they must provide ALL KINDS OF PROOF (photos, documents, videos, activities, etc.) of the skills each one of them have acquired. This was included in the centre’s Strategic Plan, due to the impact it has on learning and evaluation. This helped tutors and students to be clearly aware of the skills acquired. ANNEX


Making the student responsible for proving their progress throughout the year and for showing their contribution and learning is a NEW FOCUS. Having to show the result of their commitment to their learning COMPLETELY CHANGES their role in the process, as well as their motivation. Both how they work, and the results, are EXPONENTIALLY improved, and they recognise this. See proof in annex.


Portfolios as support for tutoring, evaluation and professional development in Ethazi cycles are highly useful. Through challenges, they develop all kinds of skills that can be demonstrated in their PORTFOLIO. This brings them closer to companies, since they must list, accredit and show everything that they do. Why they do it, and it can be viewed. And the company in the future, as well.


After the experience in 2016 at Ikasenpresa, we included the Transv. Sk. evaluation with Portfolios at the centre’s PE. At Ethazi, it is easy to see what each student has contributed to overcoming challenges in the portfolios, and then evaluate it. They are the protagonists, and they WANT to show their work. They are given one feedback per evaluation. This can be transferred to any team activity and centre. ANNEX.


The final results with students were wonderful. Their portfolios are brimming with excitement, work and pride: about me, work log, photos, videos, self-evaluations. SELF-AWARENESS OF WORK shot through the roof. As proof of their work, THE PORTFOLIO ITSELF CONTAINS THE PROOF. We also conducted a SATISFACTION SURVEY, with excellent results. ANNEX