– Workshop: In search of THE ELEMENT, live your Passion and be happy!! –

by Rafael Balparda Pilar | San José de Calasanz


Inspired by THE ELEMENT, by world guru Ken Robinson, this is an Innovative Entrepreneurial Workshop that offers techniques and tools to make a living from something that motivates us, that we’re passionate about.


One of the driving forces that guides our work is detecting, encouraging, motivating and providing methods so that our students are employable. On today’s job market, that’s not good enough. With a professional life of 30-40 years, the UTOPIA, the DREAM, one of the most cherished goals, is getting a job they are passionate about and that motivates them. The concept of work is changing. No schedule or calendar. Just passion. They feel fulfilled and joyful, dedicating their time to something they are passionate about. It isn’t for everyone; only for those who are daring enough to do it. For those who are willing to seek it out. Through this workshop, which had a great impact on the centre, with a mountain allegory, we show the base camps you have to climb up to if you want to live your passion. Ken Robinson gives us the method (compass, map, crampons, etc.). These brave souls will definitely develop TALENTS in an exciting, crisis-proof professional career, especially for youth with business projects.


This workshop is the result of a shortage, a NEED we had to cover in orientation, so that our youth know it is POSSIBLE, and HOW to achieve their ELEMENT. We took on the challenge in the entire centre, framing Talent Stimulation within Job Orientation. We show youth that making a living from what they like is POSSIBLE, but NOT EASY. Acclimation all the way to the peak, and on the way there, is tough.


GROUND-BREAKING focus in orientation. In a globalised world, under constant transformation, where you have to work for projects, with independence…if we want TALENTS, they tend to arise within the context of PASSION. This Workshop applies KEN ROBINSON’S theories to the classroom, speech, event, etc. This is a methodology to develop these talents, and to create business and social value.


Framed under the FOL (Job Training and Orientation) as a “star” Workshop for job orientation, it will continue to be used in upcoming courses for learning, job orientation and life orientation. It was successfully taken outside the centre for the Council, Innobasque, and was selected for the CFOL2016 in Donosti. We will be sharing it with hundreds of orientation counsellors who will apply techniques to bring the ELEMENT to thousands of youth.


There was top satisfaction at all editions of the event. Wouldn’t you want to make a living from something you’re passionate about, something you have the skills for? During the workshop, there was exceptional dedication and activity. With their OWN PROJECT, they discovered which resources and techniques they needed to reach the ELEMENT. They left with a guidebook on the actions and method to achieve it. Now go get it!