What is Irekin?

We are looking for entrepreneurial teachers at entrepreneurial centres to have entrepreneurial students. Teachers have the opportunity to spend every day with students, to act as a model or point of reference for them. This is why it is so important for teachers to behave in an entrepreneurial way, since we are convinced that we will not have entrepreneurial students without entrepreneurial teachers.

What we want to make clear is that, when we talk about entrepreneurial teachers, we are not talking about teachers who focus their efforts on creating companies, but rather about teachers who believe in entrepreneurial education. Education where we seek to develop students’ entrepreneurial initiative, knowing that this initiative is the ability to turn ideas into actions. Our aim is for students to be employable, entrepreneurial, intra-entrepreneurial and in contact with the economic and social reality around us.

This is necessary, since students are facing an uncertain, changing job market. Youth must be able to adapt, to take initiative, to suggest ideas for improvement, to implement projects and, in short, it is good for them to learn how to get through life with an entrepreneurial attitude. For this reason, what we must do with these young people at the centres is train, train and train, so that they make this attitude their own and feel comfortable developing it. This is the key to their future, and we must not forget, in turn, that these students are our future, and the future of everyone else, as well.

However, this is no simple task. Irekin came about with the aim of helping teachers, an educational itinerary with 6 stages that mainly work on three fields: the importance of fomenting entrepreneurial initiative in students, the teachers’ economic and business polish, and knowledge and design of good practises.


Need for new teaching methodologies

Designing the entrepreneurial teacher

Analysis of the possibilities of developing an entrepreneurial attitude in the centers


Current laboral market

New business model

Business Plan

Session with companies and entrepreneurs


Model of an Entrepreneur Center

Best Practices in VET

Designing a Good Practice

At Irekin, we know that Euskadi VT had teachers that worked in an entrepreneurial and innovative way at our centres, and we think that having teachers who contribute their experience and know-how to other teachers is a key part of our programme. We want their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit to be contagious. The participation of finalists in Irekin training is fundamental, because they share this attitude.

To locate this collective, two Good Practises contests were arranged at the Centre. We received 94 Good Practises, thanks to which we have 22 finalists and 2 winners to act as an example for the rest of teachers, and who participated in Irekin training by sharing their experiences and know-how.

One piece of data I would like to highlight is that 28% of the Good Practises presented in 2017 are from Irekin participants, and of the 12 finalist Good Practises,  5 are Irekin participants (42%), so, despite being a new programme, it is already beginning to bear fruit.